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Teacher and Student Overview

Example class: Teaching Microsoft Word 2019

Log into your new GMetrix account

GMetrix offers your students the peace of mind they need prior to taking their official certification exam. is the practice testing skills prior to the certification exam. 

Plus, additional features like customs tests have teachers truly enjoying the simplicity of GMetrix. It allows you to manage your class quickly and with full flexibility. 

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Step 1 - Access Codes

Creating an access code group

Example class: Adobe Illustrator 2019

First step is to create an access code for your class

After logging into GMetrix, the first step is to create a new access code for your class. You will click on create new access code, select the license, for example ACA (Adobe), and then move the next section where you can pick the specific application.

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Step 2 - Access codes

Select the practice
test type

Example class: Adobe Illustrator 2019

Here you will set up a class identifier

In the 2nd step of creating your access code, you can determine the which application you want, the type of test, and and create the code identifer. 

Custom Tests

With all the questions preloaded in GMetrix, this option gives you full flexibility to create pop quizzes, chapter tests, midterms, or most importantly practice times!

Full Program Tests

Perfect for midterms, practice before the certification exams, or even before and after learning assessments.

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Step 3 - Access codes

Retrieving Access Codes

Example class: Adobe Illustrator 2019

After setting up the access you can you retrieve the code anytime you like

The last step of creating your access code also displays the access code that you will be giving your students. Your student will login GMetrix and “Redeem” the access code. This will open up all the tests you’ve made available.

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The next step is to download the two software programs needed in your Certification Program: Jasperactive and GMetrix! Please return to the Getting Started page.