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Schools districts, colleges, and universities are all recognizing that students need technology skills to be competitive in today's job market. We're here to help students showcase those skills through official software certifications.

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Getting started with your certification is easy, but first you need to see what you’ll be doing! On this page we will show you a quick overview of the learning platforms. You will also find the latest news on global competitions, software events, and new software programs.

This next page will give you all the step-by-step instructions you need to get started with your certification program.

A Quick Overview of your Certification Program.

Certification can be quick and easy!

Welcome to the skills certified student community! Students have the opportunity to learn software programs, practice their technology skills, and then certify with the latest globally recognized software certifications. To see all the different software options (and free access to some) check out the Study Guide page. 

But WAIT! Before you click on that link, read through this page!

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The Prescriptive Learning Pathway

Jasperactive is THE source for learning Microsoft Office applications.  A live-in-application program gives the student a hands-on learning experience. All the lessons are aligned to the official certification exam to better prepare each student.  


The Benchmark test is a formative assessment of skills used to prescribe a course plan specific to each student.


A full eBook of CCI Learning’s award winning courseware guides you through a quiz and series of hands-on activities using Microsoft Office.


Repeat the practice exercises multiple times, learning from your errors and perfecting your skills.


A hands-on customizable project based exercise combining skills and creativity.


Designed to mirror the exam experience, this summative practice test helps candidates prepare for the official exam.

The Practice Assessment Tool to Get You "Exam Ready."

GMetrix is the practice assessment tool to get you “exam ready.” The tests offered in GMetrix simulate the official certification exams.  GMetrix offers both timed tested (50 minutes) or untimed tests for practice. Most tests can be completed online, except live-application exams. Those require you to download the GMetrix software, which you can do on the Getting Started page.

Training Mode

In Training mode you will be given the option to view step-by-step instructions for completing a given task. Plus in training mode you have all the time you need to complete your test. You can even save it part way through and resume it later.

Testing Mode

This is where you get to really apply your skills in full testing environment. You'll have 50 minutes to complete your test. And there's no helpful hints along the way. This mode will help reduce any anxiety you might have about your certification exam.

For American students, your GMetrix application is embedded in your Jasperactive software. Sorry Canadians! You need to download the GMetrix software separately.

Compass - The official certification exam platform

Compass is the latest certification software created by Certiport, A Pearson Vue Business. This is the program you will be using to take your official certification exam. Your school or education facility will have this program in their testing labs which is where you will take your exam. 

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