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Building your Team

Building a strong team is a crucial aspect of successful program planning. Defining roles within your organization is essential to ensure smooth coordination and effective communication. These roles include the Program Lead, responsible for guiding the Certification Program and communicating objectives to the team, the IT Lead, who handles internal and external software requirements, the Admin Lead, who assists with administrative tasks, and the Accounting Contact, responsible for financial matters. Equally important are the Instructors, vital in preparing students for certification exams and delivering engaging learning experiences. CCI Learning also provides dedicated roles, such as the Academic Solution Consultant, Success Manager, and Tech Support, to offer expert guidance and assistance throughout your certification program journey. By assembling a capable team, you lay a solid foundation for a successful program implementation.

Roles on your team


Program Lead

(Center Administrator)

The main contact who will be leading the Certification Program. They will be responsible for communicating program objectives to their team. Possibly, coordinating departments to meet deliverables, and setting training objectives. This person will be the main contact for their own internal team. 

IT Lead

The IT Lead will be the main point of contact for both internal and external software requirements. If the institution has a ticketing system where instructors request software, then the IT Lead will be the admin lead for software package requests and installations.

Admin Lead

Typically, this person will assist with the behind-the-scenes admin work such as acting as the liaison for accounting matters such as purchase orders, account creation, and any other accounting and legal requirements.

Accounting Contact

The Accounting contact is designated only if there is a single person or email for the department or institution. Often Program Leads, will handle all department financials and submit directly as opposed to CCI Learning contacting them. 


Instructors are the most vital component to successfully getting students learning and certifying in industry leading software. Instructor’s role is to learn the software components and to get their students prepared for their certification exams. Instructors will need to be trained on how to deliver some of the learning tools, the practice software, and the certification software.

CCI Learning Roles


Academic Solution Consultant

A dedicated Academic Solutions Consultant will be assigned to your institution. They will be your main contact for all additional product purchases, high-level planning, and renewals. Working together with your school Superintendents, Principals, and Program leads, they will assist you to ensure you certification program is successful.

Success Manager

Your Success Manager is your main contact for your Certification Program planning and implementation.  This will include training your program leads in our Train-the-Trainer program and assisting them with providing your instructors with the necessary resources to effectively prepare students for their certification exams.

Tech Support

Our CCI Learning Tech Support team is here to help you with implementing the software installations and assist with technical support questions for your program. In addition, we have a dedicated support team for Jasperactive. Jasperactive support assists all Jasperactive users, including teachers and students.

Adoption Decision

Who will be your Program Lead?
Who will be your designated IT Lead?
Who will be your Administrator Lead or Assistant
Which instructors will be delivering the certification program?

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