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Steps for Implementing your Certification Program

Implementing a new program into any institution requires thoughtful planning. We want your team to feel comfortable knowing which steps are required and how to roll this out smoothly. CCI Learning is here to assist you with that planning, whether it be through our customized adoption program with a CCI Learning Customer Success Manager, or via a do-it-yourself self-directed planning by utilizing our web, video, and print resources.

The following steps are suggested, based on numerous successful customer implementation processes.

  1. CCI presentation to Orient your Team.
  2. Program Planning Session
  3. Training your Team to use the Platforms and Tools
  4. Progress Meetings
  5. Annual Check in

CCI presentation to Orient your Team

We know it’s difficult to convey to your team everything you’ve learnt about micro-credentials and industry needs. To assist you, we offer a presentation meeting for your collective team. In this presentation, we showcase the value of certifications, how they work, what your institution has signed up for, and provide an overview of the upcoming planning and training needs.

Program Planning Session

Our first planning session. Hopefully, you will have a chance to read through this orientation guide prior to this meeting. We will go through a list of questions to determine the particulars of your organization which will help us determine who the team members are, what roles they will be responsible for, and ultimately, determine what our measure of success is. For example, your goal may be to have every student in the Business Administration program graduate with 2 Microsoft Office Specialist certificates in both Word and Excel.

Training your Team to Use the Platforms and Tools

This is the fun part where we jump into hands-on learning. We will provide your team and instructors with the training for each software platform. During this training session, the instructors will be practicing and learning to use the tools, as well as building their classes. For the certification exams, each instructor will have the opportunity to go through a certification exam, to learn first-hand what the student experiences.

Timing of the training is also important – receiving training and then forgetting it is not effective! This is why we stagger our sessions to match them with your instructor’s timeline for teaching.

Progress Meetings

We will schedule a progress meeting with you and your team at your convenience. Progress meetings are used to share information and confirm whether or not the certification program is on track. Plus, we will determine if extra training is needed or if additional resources are required. This is also a time where your team can express which areas are working well and areas that need tweaking.

We will provide the agenda and checklists for the progress meetings to ensure our meetings are effective!

Annual Check in

Our annual check in meetings is a time to look at the overall program and see how far we have progressed. This is a higher-level review of the whole program in comparison to the Progress Meetings. These meetings are structured to ensure that we are on track for the following year. This will be a great time to assess current needs and future needs. As industries evolve, your program can be aligned to match that evolution.

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