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Certification Exams Overview

Certification exams provide students and professionals with a powerful platform to showcase their skills and knowledge. By obtaining a certification, individuals can validate their expertise and open doors to a wide range of job prospects and opportunities. Along with increased earning potential, certification also leads to enhanced academic performance, improved reputation, and heightened credibility. It instills confidence and earns respect from peers in the industry. Through Certiport, CCI Learning offers the complete list and diverse array of certification exams to cater to different fields and interests.Certification is an effective way for students and working professionals to demonstrate the skills and knowledge they possess.  

Some of the key benefits of certification include:

  • Validation of knowledge
  • Increased job prospects and opportunities
  • Increased earning power
  • Enhanced academic performance
  • Improved reputation
  • Enhanced credibility
  • Increased confidence
  • Respect from peers

Certification Exams available through Certiport

For a complete listing of certification exams offered by Certiport, visit their Certification exams webpage.

  • Adobe Certified Professional
  • App Development with Swift Certification (Apple)
  • Autodesk Certified User
  • Communication Skills for Business
  • Entrepreneurship and Small Business Certification
  • IC3 Digital Literacy Certification
  • Intuit Certifications (Quick Books, Bookkeeping)
  • IT Specialist Certification (HTML, CSS, Java, Python, etc.)
  • Microsoft Certified Fundamentals
  • Microsoft Certified Educator (MCE)
  • Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS)
  • PMI Project Management Ready™ Certification
  • Unity Certified User Certification

Certification Lengths

Certification exams are designed to assess your knowledge and skills in a specific field. These exams usually have a duration of 50 minutes, during which you will be presented with approximately 40 to 60 questions. Depending on the exam, you may encounter different formats, including live-in-application exams where you interact with software in real-time, as well as browser-based exams with question types like multiple choice and selected response-matching. These variations ensure a comprehensive evaluation of your abilities and provide an opportunity to showcase your expertise in a practical and theoretical context. By successfully completing these certification exams, you can demonstrate your proficiency and enhance your credibility in your chosen field.

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