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Decoractive: Champion instructor for the CCI Learning Certification Program

Champion Instructors

Champion instructors become the main source of knowledge and information for the rest of the team. CCI Learning has been working with hundreds of institutions over the years, and we have witnessed first-hand the incredible effects of simply identifying these champions as the main leaders for your internal team. They are an integral team player. They not only support the team but also help shape the success of the whole program, and most importantly they are advocates for student certifications!  

At CCI Learning we highlight these champion teachers. Every year we highlight those champion instructors.

Ingrid Montarras - Instructor at Harbord Collegiate Institute at Toronto District School Board

Ingrid Monterras

Collaborating with Ingrid Montarras has been an absolute inspiration. Her exceptional teaching skills combined with her strong background in IT and a teaching degree make her an invaluable asset to the Toronto District School Board. Ingrid's dedication extends beyond the classroom as she actively engages with Coop programs, leads business clubs, and teaches various classes.
One of her remarkable qualities is her remarkable project management abilities, effortlessly coordinating multiple groups and handling logistics, including software installations and student inspiration. She remains unwavering in her goal of providing students with the best technology resources and empowering them for a successful future. Ingrid fosters collaborative problem-solving among her students, allowing them to learn project management skills as a cohesive group, and many of her students demonstrate exceptional proficiency in technology.

Her unwavering commitment to continuous learning and teaching ensures that her students achieve remarkable accomplishments in life. Furthermore, Ingrid's warm spirit and delightful personality create a joyful and pleasant working environment. It is a true pleasure to collaborate with her.

Image of Jerry Chen - Instructor at Ecole Cariboo Hill Secondary School

Jerry Chen

What makes an instructor a champion?

Champion instructors play a pivotal role in the success of the program. Their understanding of the value of globally recognized certifications within key industry-leading software companies, translates into their classroom instruction. These dedicated instructors possess a range of attributes that set them apart:

  1. Expertise: Champion instructors have a deep understanding of the software and certifications offered. They possess advanced knowledge and skills, enabling them to effectively guide students through the learning process.

  2. Passion: These instructors are enthusiastic about the value of certifications and the opportunities they provide to students. They are passionate advocates for the importance of industry-recognized credentials.

  3. Continuous Learning: Champion instructors are committed to their own professional growth and development. They actively seek to expand their knowledge and stay up-to-date with the latest trends and advancements in their field.

  4. Student-Centric Approach: They prioritize the success and growth of their students. Champion instructors strive to create engaging learning experiences, ensuring students are well-prepared for their certification exams and equipped with practical skills for the industry.

  5. Supportive Mentors: They serve as mentors and guides for their students, providing guidance, motivation, and support throughout the certification journey. Champion instructors understand the challenges students may face and offer assistance to help them overcome obstacles.

  6. Collaboration: These instructors actively collaborate with colleagues and share best practices. They participate in professional communities, workshops, and conferences, fostering an environment of collective growth and knowledge-sharing.

By embodying these attributes, champion instructors elevate the certification program, inspiring students to excel and facilitating their transition into the professional world. Their dedication and commitment make them invaluable assets, contributing to the program’s overall success.

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