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Scheduling EFH OnDemand

With Certiport’s new EFH OnDemand booking, scheduling your virtual exam sessions just got easier. 

Locating the EFH Scheduler

  1. Log into your Certiport account.
  2. Change your role to Organization Administrator.
  3. Hover your mouse over the Training & Tools tab.
  4. Select the Schedule EFH Session in the dropdown menu.

Scheduling the exam session

  1. Click on the Create and Manage Exam Sessions button.
  2. Here you will name your exam session in the Specify session name. You create any name you like. We recommend using the course name, date, and exam.
  3. Click Create Session.
  4. Select your Testing Center. 
  5. Select your Exam Language.
  6. Select the Number of Candidates (people taking an exam).
  7. Click Next.
  8. Either use the filters to find your exam type or scroll down to find the exam you want and click the name.
  9. Specify your time zone from the dropdown menu.
  10. Specify your date. (you book on the same day if you like. You need one hour prior to book it.)
  11. Specify the start time.
  12. Click Submit.
  13. Click the Send Confirmation Emails button.
  14. Click the Return to dashboard button to see all your scheduled exam sessions.

Click on the video image above to play the video.

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