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Training Value

CCI Learning’s customized training session materials holds significant value for instructors and program leads, offering numerous benefits that enhance their effectiveness in the classroom. Firstly, the program promotes a higher adoption rate among instructors, equipping them with the necessary knowledge and resources to confidently implement the curriculum. Through comprehensive training materials, instructors gain a deeper understanding of software delivery, enabling them to effectively convey concepts and guide students through hands-on activities.

Additionally, the program encourages instructors to take a certification exam, providing them with firsthand experience of the student perspective. This valuable insight allows instructors to empathize with students, identify potential challenges, and provide tailored support. By empowering instructors and program leads with customized training, CCI Learning empowers them to create engaging learning experiences and foster student success.

Each training session will include:

  • A copy of slide deck (PowerPoint slides) for that software program
    • Trainings are divided between 10–15 minute learning presentations and then 5 minute hands-on-activities
    • The slide deck will include the learning slides
  • A training checklist
    • Each section will be listed to keep accurate records on what each training session has covered. Some training sessions will go beyond the time listed as some instructors may need additional training. We tailor to the learner. If more time is required, additional training meetings will be scheduled.
  • A survey of the training
    • At CCI Learning, we are constantly improving our services. To do that we need your direct feedback on what works and what is not as clear as it could be. We gather that information through a survey that is conducted during the training sessions.

Training Timelines

From our experience, we find that most instructors benefit from training sessions that coincide with their classroom teaching itinerary. We start with training for the administration side (Certiport Management and Certification Exams for Instructors), followed by the rest of the training (including learning materials where applicable, and practice exams). For the certification (exam) deployment we try to do this training within a few weeks of the certification exams. To see a breakdown of the time allotments visit our Training Your Team page.

Need help? Call our Support Team at 1 (888)-882-8635

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