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Jasperactive has expanded to Digital Literacy! Using any device, desktop, tablet, or mobile, you can learn the basics computing skills you need!

Digital Literacy is the ability to learn, understand, apply and formulate ideas using information and communication technology safely and successfully. Mapped to the IC3 GS5 Global Standard, CCI Learning’s world-class digital literacy courseware comes to life in Jasperactive.

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Jasperactive Digital Literacy

Following the IC3 Digital Literacy courses, JA DL comprises of three full courses:

  • Computing Fundamentals
  • Key Applications
  • Living online

Introducing Jasperactive Digital Literacy
Student Overview

step 1 - Request Email invite

Get Invited as an instructor

You can use your Jasperactive username and password from the MOS applications.

Program Lead: As a program lead for your school, CCI Learning will send you an email from Jasperactive ( Click on the login to Jasperactive to get create your new account.
Note: Currently CCI Learning must invite your teachers for you. Please contact us to add your teachers to the higher level teacher permissions.

Teachers: You will receive an email from (, please click on the link embedded to get you started. If you are already using Jasperactive MOS Desktop application, you can log in with the same username and password. Your first step will be to create a study group code. See below.

Introducing Jasperactive Digital Literacy
Student Overview


step 2 - create a new study group

Creating a new
Study Group

Example class: Digitial Literacy: Key Applications

After registering your new profile you can create a new study group or class.

To create a new class:

  1. click on +ADD button in the top right. 
  2. Click on Create Study Group

step 3 - Complete the Group Setup

Fill in Form

  1. Add a class name to your Study Group Name field
  2. Select your License Information

step 4 - Setting the group attributes

You will see your class and license

This new window will pop up. Confirm the class name is correct and the license information is correct. 

1. Confirm Group Name

2. Confirm this is the correct License Information

3. Select the number of students

You can edit this later if you need to.

4. Choose the course (s)

You can select any combination of courses for your students. You could open 1 course or all 3.

5. Select the start and end dates

The dates must fall within your license dates.

6. Select the status for your class

There are a couple of options

Student communication

Getting Students Started

  1. Direct students to
  2. Get them to log in with the Jasperactive accounts. If they do not have one yet, click the Register Here hyperlink (below the red login button)
  3. Using the study code you created for your group. Give that to your students. They will need it to unlock their courses. 

Please see the pdf guide below. This guide is a picture-based, step-by-step instruction for getting your students started.

Need help? Call our Support Team at 1 (888)-882-8635

Langley 200 Business Centre
Suite #180 8621 201st Street
Langley BC
Phone: 1-800-668-1669
or 604-455-0070
Fax: 1-866-760-2354

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For creating Jasperactive and GMetrix profiles/accounts


Your student profiles have been created for you. 

The next step is to download the two software programs needed in your Certification Program: Jasperactive and GMetrix! Please return to the Getting Started page.