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Program Brief

Welcome to CCI Learning's
Certification Program

Thank you for joining the movement to CertifyCanada! As you may know already, there are many programs, products, and certification exams that comprise the Certification Program. Each school or institution has crafted a certification program to suit the needs of their program objectives, teachers, and students. This means that each school’s program is unique and requires some thoughtful planning. 

We have put together a program brief to act as guide to help you achieve your certification goals. Together in conjunction with using the Academy website as a resource tool, you will work with your CCI Learning Account Manager and your CCI Learning Customer Success Manager to plan and implement your certification program.

Program Brief Contents

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  • Remote Exams! – virtual labs
  • Superintendents & Principals
  • Program Leads
  • Teachers
  • Exams in a Virtual Environment
  • Exams in a classroom Lab
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Program Brief


Program Overview
CCI Learning offers multiple products to create a fully working Certification Program. Our focus is to provide your students with industry-recognized certifications. We have a three-part process: 1) learning, 2) practicing, and 3) certifying. Not all schools purchase all three components, however, we believe this combination provides every student with the greatest opportunity to achieve the ultimate goal of passing the certification exam.

Software Licensing
We offer software licensing for some programs, like Jasperactive (learning), GMetrix (practicing), and Compass (certifying – testing software). It is institution or school’s purchase of vendor software that works in conjunction with these certification software pieces. For example, CCI Learning does not offer Adobe licensing – the school must purchase that independently. 

Product Overview
The easiest way to navigate the product list (which is vast) is to identify the program areas you would like your students to get certified in. Then identify which software programs they are using and learning under those program areas. For example, an English class may be utilizing Microsoft Word through OneDrive to write essays. To certify for Microsoft Word, they would be taking a Microsoft Certified Specialist Exam. Under our Teach by Program tab, you can see all the different program/vendor options and the different certifications within each program category. 


Program During Covid

Goal Setting

A big part of getting a Certification Program off the ground is understanding what are the objectives and goals. For CCI Learning, it is helpful to understand how you want your program to implemented, and by understanding your goals we can assist you to better.

For example, the resources needed for a web design class using Adobe will have a different timing need for teacher training compared to a Business class using Microsoft Office. We want to make sure we understand your direction!

Below is a quick “Certification Program Objectives” form. Please fill this out before the initial planning session. 

Certification Program Objectives

Success Planning Form 2020

After completing the Goal Setting Form, this will prompt the Customer Success Manager to set up a planning meeting with you!

Program Roles

School Roles

To assist with the behind-the-scenes admin work such as handing accounting matters such as purchase orders, account creation, and any other accounting and legal requirements. 

To assist with the behind-the-scenes admin work such as handing accounting matters such as purchase orders, account creation, and any other accounting and legal requirements. 

To assist with the behind-the-scenes admin work such as handing accounting matters such as purchase orders, account creation, and any other accounting and legal requirements. 

Teachers are the most vital component to successfully getting students learning and certifying in industry leading software. Their role is to learn the software components to ready their students for certification. Teachers will need to be trained on to deliver some of the learning tools, the practice software, and the certification software. 

CCI Learning Roles

Your account manager is your main contact for all additional product purchases, high-level planning, and renewals. They will work with your school Superintendents, Principals, and Program lead to ensure you certification program is successful.

Your Success Manager is your main contact for project planning and implementation which includes training your program leads and assisting them in providing your teachers with the  resources they need to effectively prepare students for certification. 

Our CCI Learning Tech Support team is here to help you with implementing the software needed for your program. In addition, we have a dedicated support team for Jasperactive. Jasperactive support assists all Jasperactive users, including teachers and students. 

Responsibilities with the Certification Program

Certification Exams

Program Public Awareness

Need help? Call our Support Team at 1 (888)-882-8635

Langley 200 Business Centre
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Phone: 1-800-668-1669
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Registration Form

For creating Jasperactive and GMetrix profiles/accounts


Your student profiles have been created for you. 

The next step is to download the two software programs needed in your Certification Program: Jasperactive and GMetrix! Please return to the Getting Started page.