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Getting Started with Microsoft


MOS certifications provide assessments of skills and knowledge through project-based testing, giving students real-world exercises to appraise their understanding of Microsoft Office. This guarantees that every certified user has demonstrated the ability to command the full features and functionality of Microsoft Office.

Programs & Certification Exam Objectives

Avg Course Length:
30-45 Hours
25-35 Hrs- Expert

Exam Objectives:

Avg Course Length:
30-50 Hours
25-35 Hrs - Expert

Exam Objectives:

Avg Course Length:
30-50 Hours
25-35 Hrs - Expert

Exam Objectives:

Avg Course Length:
15-20 Hours

Exam Objectives:

Avg Course Length:
30-50 Hours

Exam Objectives:

Learn & Practice

Learning and practicing with Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) applications is accessed through Jasperactive. Below you will see there are three different learning methods. We have included the Jasperactive Digital Literacy (which is accessed through app.jasperactive.com) as the preliminarly learning to MOS applications.

Sorting out The Jasperactive Family

Digital Courseware

MOS Digital Courseware is available live inside the Jasperactive app. If you’d prefer to download it separately, you may review the Getting started with Digital Courseware webpage.

Courseware Content

  • Course outline
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Student Files
  • Quiz Answer Keys
  • Data Map
  • Lesson Notes
  • Supplemental Exercises
  • Completed Files
  • Course Mapping
  • Practice Test

Student Files

Are the data files students open and work with during the hands-on exercises. CCI courseware uses a three-folder system for student files.
Starter Files
Resources Files
My Projects


Administer the ACU certification exams through either Compass in the classroom or by Remote Exams from Home

Getting started with a Compass Lab

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