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For Microsoft Office Applications

Jasperactive for Microsoft Office’s five-step learning pathway builds experience and knowledge through hands-on activities and exploration. 


Creating your first class

Example class: Teaching Microsoft Word 2019

Log into your new Jasperactive account

Before you start: Get your Teacher’s license code from your school lead! The license code is a series of numbers and letters, starting with a letter “T”.

CCI Learning will provide you with your teacher login information. You will have two roles: teacher and student. Your student account will allow you to understand your student’s experience with Jasperactive. Plus, you can also prepare for your certification!

Your teacher account will allow you to create your classes, follow your student’s progress, and create full analysis reports.

We have created a full video showing you all the program options. For full set up, please watch the Full Training Video.

Full Training Video
Student &Teacher Training

step 1 - Groups manager

Creating a new group

Example class: Teaching Microsoft Word 2019

For each group/class created, an access code will automatically be generated.

Learn how to create your new group and access code. From the teacher panel, you click on the Groups Manager button, then click on add New Group.

step 2 - Groups manager

Choose the applications

Example class: Teaching Microsoft Word 2019

Now you can choose which applications you would like your students to work in.

Here you will create a class name, chose your school license, enter in course dates, and pick your applications.

step 3 - Groups manager

Save the group and copy the class access code

Example class: Teaching Microsoft Word 2019

Now you can set the parameters for the group.

In this section you will see several tabs appear. This is where you can you change the class rubics, see your students progress, reset the benchmark exams, and much more. 

Additional How-to-Videos for Teachers

Creating your Teacher Account

Creating A Group

Managing Groups

Modifying Course Rubrics

Using the Create Project in JA

How to Reset Passwords

How to Reset the Benchmark

Quick Guide on using the JA Support

Downloading the Teacher Resources

Modifying Benchmark & Validate Time

Removing the JA Outlook Profile

For Students: Progress Reports

Activating a New Student Account

Jasperactive Instruction Pane

Linking to new group/class

Using the Save Feature in a course

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For creating Jasperactive and GMetrix profiles/accounts


Your student profiles have been created for you. 

The next step is to download the two software programs needed in your Certification Program: Jasperactive and GMetrix! Please return to the Getting Started page.