Katheryn Jones

Katheryn Jones

Training Session Materials

Training Value CCI Learning’s customized training session materials holds significant value for instructors and program leads, offering numerous benefits that enhance their effectiveness in the classroom. Firstly, the program promotes a higher adoption rate among instructors, equipping them with the necessary knowledge and resources to confidently implement the curriculum. Through comprehensive training materials, instructors gain […]

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Training your team for delivering a certification program

Training your team

CCI Learning training offers immense value through its comprehensive approach and flexible delivery methods. The live training sessions conducted by Customer Success Trainers provide an invaluable opportunity for instructors to directly engage, ask questions, and receive dedicated support tailored to their specific needs. The use of Microsoft Teams ensures seamless and interactive sessions. Moreover, training

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Proctoring Certification Exams

Proctoring Exams Proctoring for certification exams is an essential component to ensure exam integrity and fairness. Proctoring refers to the process of supervising and monitoring test-takers during their certification exams. It involves verifying the identity of the examinees, ensuring a controlled testing environment, and preventing any unauthorized assistance or cheating. Proctoring methods can vary depending

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Exam Delivery Options at your Institution

Understanding Certification Exam Delivery There are multiple ways to deploy certification exams. Most institutions have dedicated computer classrooms or a specific testing center. Depending on whether your institution is a K-12 school, or a college, or a university, will determine what is the best approach. Let’s first discuss some key logistical areas and then delve

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Certification Exams Overview

Certification exams provide students and professionals with a powerful platform to showcase their skills and knowledge. By obtaining a certification, individuals can validate their expertise and open doors to a wide range of job prospects and opportunities. Along with increased earning potential, certification also leads to enhanced academic performance, improved reputation, and heightened credibility. It

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Building your Team

Building a strong team is a crucial aspect of successful program planning. Defining roles within your organization is essential to ensure smooth coordination and effective communication. These roles include the Program Lead, responsible for guiding the Certification Program and communicating objectives to the team, the IT Lead, who handles internal and external software requirements, the

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Steps for Implementing your Certification Program

Implementing a new program into any institution requires thoughtful planning. We want your team to feel comfortable knowing which steps are required and how to roll this out smoothly. CCI Learning is here to assist you with that planning, whether it be through our customized adoption program with a CCI Learning Customer Success Manager, or

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